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LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger for Phones, Smartwatches and

LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger for Phones, Smartwatches and

  • Multifunctional Desk Lamp Design - Great for office desks, nightstands and more, the SwissTek LED desk lamp replaces a reading light, alarm clock and multiple chargers for electronic devices in one must-have desk accessory.  The space-saving LED desk organizer lamp is ideal for kids, teens, college students and adults. 


  • Illuminate Your Space - Equipped with long-lasting LEDs, the reading light brightens the area for reading, studying, crafting, knitting and close work to relieve eye strain. The table lamp produces white, warm light and natural light and is also dimmable for customizing your space based on the room’s existing lighting. The LED light extension conveniently folds away for compact storage when not in use. 


  • Eliminate Cords and Clutter - This multipurpose lamp conveniently replaces charging cables and charging pads for your most used electronic devices. The light features a nonslip wireless charging pad for your mobile phone, a charging stand for your Apple watch and cable and an earbud case docking station. 


  • Be on Time - Set an alarm and keep track of time with the SwissTek multifunctional LED desk lamp and alarm clock. The lamp base displays the current time in bright, easy-to-read numbers and allows you to easily set an alarm with the small touchscreen. 


  • Sleek and Compact - With a base measuring just 2.62” by 4.17”, the LED lamp is exceptionally compact. The sleek, modern design is perfect for college dorm rooms, bedrooms, small offices and more, eliminating clutter and freeing up valuable desk

  • Product Description:

    Sleek and modern, the SwissTek multifunctional LED lamp includes wireless charging stations and an alarm clock to help you make it on time with a full battery. Ideal for small spaces, the LED lamp is exceptionally compact and foldable, leaving valuable desk space free for studying, paperwork, craft projects, close work and more. 


    Charge your devices in one location with the charging stations built in the LED lamp base. Compatible with 7.5W and 10W Qi wireless charging, the desk lamp supports vertical and horizontal charging of both android and iPhones. A smartwatch stand enables you to use your existing charger while hiding the cord to eliminate cord confusion and clutter. The LED desk lamp also includes a docking station for earbud cases. 

    Illuminating your space, the LED lamp provides white, warm white and natural light and is dimmable to suit your surroundings. The long-lasting LED lamp is perfect for reading, studying, and completing close, detailed work. 


    Keep track of time with the LED desk lamp’s built-in alarm clock. Simple touch controls allow you to set the time and set an alarm on the digital clock with ease.


    What’s Included

    SwissTek LED Lamp and Alarm Clock Charging Station

    USB-Type C power cable

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