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SnapCharge Magnetic Wireless PowerBank for Quick, Portable Charging - Mini Slim

SnapCharge Magnetic Wireless PowerBank for Quick, Portable Charging - Mini Slim


Eliminate the frustration of having a dead phone battery with the SwissTek SnapCharge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank. Our external battery pack is ultra-slim and lightweight for easily carrying with you every day in a pocket, backpack or bag. 


Our 3-in-1 power pack allows you to charge your Qi-enabled phone, Apple Watch, AirPods and other electronic devices at the same time. The power pack is a 2-coil design so you can position two devices on the pack at once and use a Type-C cable to connect a third device. 


Providing up to 15W wireless charging, our SnapCharge power bank is compatible with MagSafe certified cases for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max,  iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


    • Quick On-the-Go Charging - Quickly and easily recharge your phone, Airpods and even your Apple watch while on the go with the SnapCharge magnetic wireless power bank by SwissTek. The mini slim power pack is compatible with MagSafe phone cases, snapping on with a safe magnetic connection for fast, reliable charging. 


    • Perfectly Portable - Compact and exceptionally lightweight, the SnapCharge powerbank charger is perfect for busy days, long commutes and outdoor adventures. The ultra-slim battery charger easily slips into a pocket, a purse, a backpack or a tote for recharging your phone no matter where your day takes you. 


    • Recharge Every Device - Compatible with Qi-enabled iPhone 12 and 13 series devices, our powerful magnetic charging block also charges Qi-enabled smartwatches and earbud cases. LED indicator lights allow you to check the remaining battery capacity at a glance. 


    • 3 in 1 External Battery - Our SnapCharge external battery pack allows you to charge three devices at once. The unique docking station design allows you to wirelessly charge a Qi-enabled phone and Apple watch on the battery pack itself and use the USB-C port to charge other electronic devices. 


    • Ultimate Convenience - Our SnapCharge power bank allows you to send and receive calls and messages, play games, watch videos and keep scrolling. The slim design features a nonslip exterior and fits comfortably in your hand. 

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