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Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds with Charging Case

Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds with Charging Case


Experience true wireless freedom with Air Buds. These super lightweight, sweat-proof wireless buds are packed with the latest audio, noise canceling and wireless tech that can be used to take calls, play your favorite jams at the gym and much more. The included charging case features a built in rechargeable battery that can fully charge your air buds 5 full cycles before needing to be charged again

  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for a state of the art reliable connection between the air buds and your smart device.
  • CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling function, bluetooth earbuds are paired with a mic to reduce vocal interference and to better enjoy clear and easy communication .
  • These wireless earphone deliver natural and authentic sound performance with a focus on getting a clear voice.
  • Featuring an ergonomic design to fit your ears, the soft and smooth surface provides a comfortable fit without falling off. 
  • Ultra light design at only 0.14 ounces net weight. 
  • Enjoy music for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and 72 hours of stand-by, the air buds only take 1.5 hours to be fully charged. 
  • The battery status is displayed on IOS device.
  • The charging case allows for up to 5 charges on the earbuds before recharging.
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